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Happy Navasard! (Armenian New Year)․

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

14.06.2021 Today is June 14, 8 days before the summer solstice. In our time, on this day, the first morning rising of the Pleiades takes place. According to the calendars of our ancestors, the countdown of the new year begins from this day․ Happy Navasard!

It is interesting that many of Victor Hambartsumyan's key discoveries are related to the observation of the Pleiades․ And most of the time of astronomer, calendarist Grigor Brutyan's observational activity were associated with the Pleiades and the Praesepe of the constellation Cancer (Msur). The Praesepe (Msur) is a domain in the constellation Cancer (formerly Esher-Cir (wild donkey)), which is directly connected with Christianity.

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