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Victory! Closing the petition․

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

In July 2021, after the so-called excavations of the “archaeologists”, holes appeared, fortifications were dug, the trenches were covered, which threatens the integrity of the complex.

Considering that most of the requirements of our petition are satisfied, namely

- Excavations have been stopped since August 2018․ (since the beginning of our joint struggle for the safety of Carahunge),

- Properly carried out work to strengthen, close and restore the integrity of the monument,

- A criminal case was initiated, then closed, but this process has not been completed yet,

- The monument, although not reliable, is protected by the “Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserves”, which owns,

- The inclusion of Carahunge in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is in the process,

We are closing the petition signers, but the "Save Carahunge" movement created by us, the "Carahunge Observatory", public organization "Carahunge Armenological Center" is under control. We will continue to study the monument, as well as to preserve and study others, in particular, the most ancient monuments of Armenia that have astrological significance․ Thank you everyone for participating! We invite those who wish to join our open meetings, lectures on very interesting topics in Armenian Studies․

You can find us:

Tell․ 033 411714

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