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Updated: Apr 3

On the 7th Aril, we listened to a wonderful lecture by the composer, Komitas, author of the books "Է ԱՐԱՐ" and others, Artur Shahnazaryan, the picture of the world:

It is known that, according to some ancient nations (such as the Chaldeans), the parts of the human body were compared to the heavenly luminaries. Man was considered the expression of the image of the World. The human body was the image of the Universe, namely the Universe (World) in the form of Man. The Human Body was conventionally divided into 12 parts that corresponded to the 12 zodiac signs, 7 of the body parts also corresponded to the 7 luminaries and other units parallel to them. Man's head was the Sun, his feet were the Moon, his toes was the Crown of the Moon, and the Zodiac was Libra...

Video of the meeting on our Youtube channel:

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