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About Us

The Creation

In August 2018, archaeologists under the guise of excavations began the process of destruction of the ancient Carahunge  Observatory (Syunik region, city of Sisian), excavating the bases of the stones, damaging them and exposing them to displacement․ All this was done by the hands of workers, with the help of pickaxe and shovels, and earlier with the help of heavy equipment, in particular cranes․ "Trenches" were dug along the megaliths, while each of the stones is an accurate astronomical instrument and in no case can be displaced from its place, otherwise the value of the historical, scientific and cultural monument of our people will be lost․ In this situation, from enthusiastic and compassionate people, the backbone of the people’s movement called "Save Carahunge" was created, which led a wave of popular protest against the destruction of the monument․ Active work was carried out for the preservation of the monument in cooperation with various local and international bodies. Two and a half years of great efforts and struggle against the system that legitimized the actions of archaeologists led to the fact that at this time the "excavations" have been stopped indefinitely, but have not been closed, so our mission continues.


On February 5, 2020, the movement acquired an official status: it was registered as “Carahunge Armenological Center” Public Organization․ The founders are scientists from different fields: geologists, doctors, philologists, historians, chemists, archaeologists, etc. Although the main object of our attention remains the ancient Carahunge Observatory, its preservation, study and transmission to future generations, we also study other historical monuments (in particular, with astronomical content, such as a few stones with petroglyphs, which are located on the slope of Mount Sev Sar), we also organize scientific expeditions, carry out researches, hold hearings of scientific reports, discussions and publish works.

Currently, on the territory of the monument “The Observatory Carahunge" sites excavated and in violation of the norms of the European Convention on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage three years remaining in the open air, finally preserved․ The so-called excavations were carried out with various violations of the points of the aforementioned convention, as well as the RA Law on the “Preservation and Use of Cultural and Historical Monuments”, RA Decision No. 438 of April 20, 2002 on “State registration, study, preservation, consolidation, repair, restoration and use immovable monuments of history and culture", the Charter of the historical and cultural reserve Settlement "Zorats Karer" (part of which is the "Carahunge Observatory")․ We continue the active struggle for the restoration and preservation of the monument to pass it on to future generations in a safe condition, trying to bring violators to criminal responsibility․


Tens of thousands of Armenians from all over the world support our struggle. In the protection of Carahunge, we cooperate with various international organizations, including ICOMOS ․

Goals, mission and values

The sphere of activity of the “Carahunge Armenological Center” is the spiritual and historical cultural heritage of the Armenian people, its discovery, research, preservation, improvement, restoration and implementation of public control over Armenian historical monuments, the implementation of measures for public awareness, development and education, transmission to future generations in a safe condition, as well as promotion and presentation of modern culture.

The value of our center is the value system of the Armenian people, expressed by the following statements of the great Armenian political and military leader, the founder of the Armenian nationalist ideology Garegin Nzhdeh:

 "Grief to the people whose past is just silent grave for them. There is no greater service to the nation than the historiography of his past life. Let the fate give us new Khorenatsi and Yeghishe."

"There is no greater happiness in the world than sacrificing life for the Nation and the Motherland." 

The organization's motto is “Different points of view, one goal”.

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