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Vachagan Vahradyan passed away․

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

19.04.2021 We are deeply saddened to PhD, associate professor of Slavic University, researcher of the Carahunge Observatory, co-founder of "Carahunge Armenological Center" NGO, VACHAGAN VAHRADYAN passed away last night.

A bright man, a good friend, armenologist, patriot, fighter for national values, a person with very wide interests, a man who could develop Armenia's military industry, he was a famous figure in various fields of science: mathematics, artificial intelligence, biology, philology, etymology, archeology, archaeoastronomy. He did not know what depression was, he never gave up, he did not despair, even though he was in constant problems. Dear Vachagan, you are always with us and you are irreplaceable, sleep forever, may your soul light shine ․․․

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