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Expedition to Voskevaz and Voskehat.

On October 30, Carahunge Armenological Center visited the ancient sites near the villages of Voskevaz and Voskehat in the Aragatsotn region. We visited the ruins of Badal Monastery, Cyclopean masonry, St. Hovhannes and St. Sargis (which the locals call Berd) churches, we saw and studied remarkable petroglyphs, caves, and we also hosted a family of Mshetsi-Sasun origin. The day ended with Sargis Zetlyan's triumphant beat and song of Mount Musa’s drum dating back to 1885.

Of course, our focus was on the study of the structures’ the astronomical significance and as a result of its further analysis, appropriate calculations and conclusions will be made.

It is obvious that the structure of the rock fragments of Voskehat, Agarak and Metsamor, the petroglyphs on them belong to the same cultural layer, to which the head of the expedition, historian-archaeologist Zohrab Mughdusyan, paid attention.

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