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Meeting with schoolchildren

Updated: May 10

Lusine Arakelyan, an English teacher at school N98 in the capital's Noragavit district, appealed to the “Carahunge Armenological Center” with a request to organize a meeting so that our specialists would use their accumulated experience to orient her 7th grade students and help them conduct research on their chosen topic "Carahunge-Stonehenge".

On April 16, students met with the chairman of the NGO Nana Heruni , members of the NGO cultural scientists Hrachya Hakobjanian, Leyla Stepanyan, Hayk Malkhasyan at the office of the “Carahunge Armenological Center”. Archaeoastronomist O. Malkhasyan presented to the students the vision of the council in connection with the developments that have unfolded in recent years in our republic around the Carahunge Observatory, and commented on the formed ideas about megaliths with holes and without holes of the observatory, showed their features as astronomical instruments.

Azhelina Avdalyan, a student, stood out among the students for her awareness. The image of Lusine Arakelyan, an English teacher and former student of Brusov State University, as a teacher and a person who, despite her young age, had a lot of experience and was respected among students, also made a pleasant impression. An agreement was reached on further meetings.


Nana Heruni, President of “Carahunge Armenological Center”

Head of the Department of Historical and Cultural Astronomy of the Byurakan Observatory, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Dr. Hayk Malkhasyan

Associate Professor of Bryusov State University, candidate, linguist Hrachik Hakobjanyan

Specialist in Armenian-Polynesian linguistic communities, linguist Leyla Stepanyan.

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