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The similarity of the Armenian-Polynesian language culture

Updated: Apr 19

On April 5, 2024, the first meeting of the “Carahunge Armenological Center” took place this year.


Lecturer: musicologist Leyla Stepanyan, who has been studying the similarities of the Armenian and Polynesian languages and cultures for 26 years, conducting parallels.


Lecture topic: The similarity of the Armenian-Polynesian languages – counterarguments and facts. Parallels between the language of Easter Island and Armenian.


Leyla Stepanyan, a specialist in Polynesian languages, who discovered more than 3,500 common roots, words and expressions in the vocabulary of the Armenian-Rapanu languages, more than 50 grammatical forms, more than mythological names, presents to the audience the results of her many years of research, each of which is a major discovery.


Watch the video of the meeting on our channel:

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