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ATLAS of the Armenian land

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

On November 25, the presentation of the book " ATLAS of the Armenian land" by Grigor Beglaryan, a geographer-cartographer, and founder of the "Kilikia" ship took place during the series of meetings of the "Carahunge Armenological Center".

Since time immemorial, Armenians have named the place names of the country Armenia. Their search, restoration, explanation of the meaning of the names, and mapping became the main goal of this atlas. The ATLAS includes the ancient Armenian names of more than 130,000 place names of Western Armenia, their decoding, and mapping.

In fact, this is a great event in our lives, a very important work, and the result of 10 years of work, which is very important Armenology, and it will be the basis for specialists representing various fields and sciences, who, based on the data included in ATLAS, can conduct innovative studies. are implemented.

The aim of the atlas is to restore the true Armenian image of thousand-year-old Armenian place names (cities, villages, mountains, rivers, etc.). Thus, an Armenian living in every corner of the world can find his ancestral home.

The 2nd volume is being prepared for printing, which will already contain the place names and maps of Eastern Armenia.

The video of the meeting now is available on our YouTube channel:

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