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Scientific expedition to Carahunge.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

01.08.2020 The 5-day work of the scientific expedition of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and Byurakan Observatory after V. Hambardzumyan to Carahunge Observatory is over. Astronomically applicable complete collection of digital data, architectural and geological (geodetic) complete measurements, architectural surveying and measurements of the spatial monument were carried out. Geodetic surveying of the area was carried out.

This is a long-awaited continuation of the work done by Paris Herouni at a high scientific level, it was a very necessary and important initiative, which will be the basis for the future processings and high-quality scientific research. As a result, a complete database will be created, which will be available for professionals who want to use it. The expedition was armed with modern equipment and the best specialists who used them. It was impossible not to notice the enthusiasm and patriotic pathos that pervaded all the members of the expedition during the whole working week.

Nana Heruni, President of “Carahunge Cultural Armenological Center” NGO (“Save Carahunge” Initiative), was with the expedition all the time, carrying out the current documentation and coverage of the ongoing work. So, on the website of the organization you can get acquainted with all the coverage of work done according to the working days․

The results of the expedition are excellent; all the planned goals have been achieved. This week was the first stage of the planned work։ measurement and data collection. The next stages are: 2nd - data processing and analysis, 3rd - data publication, 4th - comprehensive research.

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