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Theforce zones ofHayq, Portakar of Sev Sar, Carahunge, Portasar.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

05.11.2020 A series of "Remarkable Meetings"․ Meeting 8.

On 05.11.20 the regular meeting of "Remarkable Meetings" of “Carahunge cultural armenological center" took place.

Speaker: Painter-designer Artak Norekyan


1) The force zones of Hayq, Portakar of Sev Sar, Carahunge, Portasar.

2) Macro Micro Universe, Anthropology in Ancestor Science, Symbolism, Angegh Constellation, birthplace of Hayq.

3) The cities built by Tigran II the Great, general cryptographic discoveries in the value system of Hayq.

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