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Scientific expedition to Carahunge. Day 3.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

07.08.2020 Scientific expedition of Byurakan Observatory after V. A. Ambartsumian and National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia to Carahunge Observatory. Day 3.

The team of geologists took a detailed photo of the area with a drone, also with geometric adjustments of certain axes.

The astronomers were engaged in the study of the area, outside the central part of the monument itself, to the gorge, where new processed megaliths with holes were discovered. The architects marked, measured, photographed all those stones, clarified their axes.

In the second half of the day the weather got worse, but the work continued in those conditions. No one was going to interrupt his work. 9 typical points in the complex were selected, the geographical coordinates of those points were clarified. A 360-degree photography of panorama was taken from these points, which will contribute to further astronomical accurate measurements.

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