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Ashot Piliposyan continues to humiliate Carahunge.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

19.05.2020 Ashot Piliposyan continues to humiliate Carahunge, why? Interview with Tovmas Badalyan and Vahe Lorents.

The guests of "Second Opinion" program are architect, builder, journalist, member of "Save Carahunge" initiative, co-founder of "Carahunge cultural armenological center" NGO Tovmas Badalyan and historian, writer, publicist Vahe Lorents. Carahunge Observatory, one of the oldest monumental complexes in the world, located in Syunik region, is not only physically but also morally endangered. Who are they? and are they deliberately distorting the significance of Carahunge, destroying the megaliths in the observatory? The guests of the program touched upon these issues, noting that the excavators in Carahunge are carrying out a special order. Details in the video.

"Now Carahunge will be renamed Zorats Karer, after which it may become Ghoshun Dash, as in recent years active works have been carried out to humiliate the significance and role of this observatory. What is the purpose? Who are involved in distorting the real role of Armenian historical and cultural monuments, hiding their Armenian belonging? In whose favor the authorities, the government speak claiming that the monument in Syunik was not an observatory at all, but just a mausoleum? The guests of the "Second Opinion" program addressed these issues.

Journalist Taguhi Aslanyan

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