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Tirinkatar’s valley of Vishapakars “dragon stones”.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

21.09.2020 On September 21, 2020, the members of "Carahunge" Armenological NGO visited the Tirinkatar’s valley of dragon stones ...

It is located on the south-western slope of Aragats, about 12 km from the top. The valley is formed in the depression between the mountains Sev Sar (3138 m) and Tirinkatar (2858 m), which is filled with lake-glacial formations (clay, basaltic rocks of different sizes), creating a smooth and wide valley. Vishapakars “dragon stones” are found throughout the valley, some of which were discovered during excavations. The dragon stones look like fish, bull, aries which are carved on 2-4 meters long basalt rocks. It is obvious that the vishapakars “dragon stones” were standing thousands of years ago, they looked to the north, the top of Aragats, later, probably after religious changes, vishapakars “dragon stones” were thrown to the ground and covered with soil and rocks (while throwing, some stones were broken). During several years of excavations, an expedition of archaeologists found about 12 vishapakars “dragon stones” in the valley․

It is noteworthy that valley of Vishapakars “dragon stones” is located right at the foot of the volcanic Mount Tirinkatar, the volcano erupted in the upper Quaternary period (about 150,000 - 80,000 years ago), the volcanic mountain is named after one of the gods of our ancient sacred faith Tir (the secretary and assistant of the supreme god Aramazd). Many settlements and mountain peaks of Hayk were named after Tir, let's mention the mountain peak in the Tavros mountain range (Tirinkatar) and city in Taron province (Tirakatar)․

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