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Expedition to Hartashen.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

26․06․2021 On June 26, 2021, the Byurakan Observatory and National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia went on a scientific expedition to Hartashen (Shirak region) to continue the research of a unique structure made of megaliths, which started last year (with the participation of Grigor Brutyan). The megalithic monument near the village of Hartashen consists of two rows of basalt stones, which are placed at an angle to each other. Each row consists of menhirs arranged in 3 rows parallel to each other. The monument is located at an altitude of 2060 m above sea level.

The works went on successfully, as a result the measurement of the structure was carried out, all the goals for that day were fully fulfilled. The structure’s research in different ways will continue, and unique discoveries are waiting for us.

The day ended with drinking water from Srbaghbyur.

The Carahunge Armenological Center contributed to the implementation of scientific expedition, as we have adopted the goal of researching and supporting the study of megalithic monuments in Armenia, particularly of astronomical significance․

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