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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

30.06.2020 The cedar tree is the first inhabitant of the Armenian Highlands, according to an ancient legend, “In the beginning there was the eternal sea, which was rising like a dome and from which the first land in the form of a mountain arose. The world-wide river, the Great Euphrates, began to flow from the mountain, and the first tree, the powerful cedar tree grew on the mountain”. The cedar was the first tree of paradise and the Armenian "Tree of Life". The cedar tree has been considered a sacred tree since ancient times, it is connected with the worship of the goddess Anahit.

In ancient Armenia, the Cedars’ Forest was sacred, there the gods lived, and even cutting down a single Cedar tree was considered murder ... The wood of the tree was used exclusively for ritual purposes and in the construction of temples.

The cedar grows very slowly, can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees. It is very light-lover (sun-lover), drought-resistant and suffers from excessive moisture. In the best conditions, the height of the tree can reach 40-50 m, the diameter of the body: 2.5-3 m. The tree lives for 2000-3000 years.

The cedar tree disappeared from the Armenian Highlands with the ancient and sacred Armenian faith (from 301). These newly planted cedars are one of the first to return to the homeland ...

Hovhannes Azizbekyan, one of the founders of the"Carahunge cultural armenological center" NGO, brought about 20 cedar trees from his trip to Lebanon, which will be planted in various famous places in the future.

Տhree more cedars were planted in the territory of Garni temple.

The pictures show the powerful cedar trees in Lebanon, one of the plantings and the priest Argishti while placing the sign of the trees.

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