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A brief history of Armenian carpet weaving

On October 14, took place of "Carahunge Armenological Center" meeting.

The topic: "A brief history of Armenian carpet weaving".

The speaker was Hrach Kozibeyokyan, an American-Armenian carpet expert and president of the Armenian Carpet Association, who presented the analysis, meaning, and signs of Armenian carpet ornaments, which allow us to read the messages through carpets sent by our ancestors to future generations.

We thank Mr. Kozibeqoyan for an extremely interesting, revealing speech.

Once again, we are convinced that only as a result of a combination of deep studies by specialists in various fields (traditional dance, song, arts, astronomy, history, etc.), it will be possible to get a picture of the Armenian identity and the ancient the image of superstition, which will also allow finding the right path to future. The Video recording will be posted soon.

You can watch the video of the meeting on our YouTube channel:

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