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About the cultural heritage of Nakhichevan

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

June 3, the next meeting of “Carahunge Armenological Center” took place.

The theme։ The material heritage of Nakhichevan.

Historian, the ethnographer, specialist of Nakhichevan, honored cultural worker of Armenia, the author of more than 57 books Argam Ayvazyan spoke about the cultural heritage of Nakhichevan, demonstrated and commented on more than 150-160 slides with various monuments․

The Armenian people are grateful to Argam Ayvazyan for the work he has done throughout his life, due to which we have photos of thousands of khachkars, monasteries, churches and chapels destroyed by the azeris in Nakhichevan, Jugha and other places, thanks to which they will be preserved as a culture created by the Armenian people.

These materials once again prove the barbaric behavior of cattle-breeding neighbors and the policy of the relevant people of our government, their lack of respect for their values. There were only a few complaints from Armenia to international organizations in connection with the barbaric destruction of the material culture of Nakhichevan in 2006. These complaints did not give any results․ Neighboring countries are members of UNESCO and they are obliged to be guarantors of cultural values in their territories, so our government could raise the question of excluding them from this organization․

You can watch the video of the meeting on our YouTube channel:

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