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Armenian Vishapakars (Dragon Stones): Origin and dating

On June 10 took place the 31st meeting of the Carahunge Armenological Center.

Subject: Armenian Vishapakars (Dragon Stones): Origin and dating:

Speaker: Hovhannes one of the founders of Carahunge Armenological Center, Armenian geologist Hovhannes Azizbekyan:

The speaker presents the stones called “Dragon Stones” and the name metrology, the essence of the monuments, the purpose of their installation, the parallels of Dragon stones in the Armenian culture. The study was carried out with an analysis of factual information and historical-ethnographic materials.

According to the tradition, we visited the Mayri (cedar tree) brought from Lebanon to the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction, given by Hovhannes Azizbekyan as a present.

Find the article following the link:

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