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Presentation of Arthur Armin's book "National state; foundation"

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

On April 12, in the round hall of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Armenologist, culturologist, "Albert Schweitzer" and "St. George Cross" award winner Arthur (Armin) Babayans’s presentation on his scientific-political work took place, titled "Foundations of National State: What Fatherland Do the Collective Armenian People Want?‘’, which is the result of the author's scientific activity in recent years.

Arthur Armin is one of the best experts in the field of Armenian culture, also a writer, public speaker, politician. The "All-Armenian National Consensus" movement, founded by him, unites many Armenian individuals who are concerned with the fate of the Armenian nation, who are scattered across the world – in Armenia and beyond its borders. His work is a sincere and unbiased scientific analysis, which attempts to pave the way for overcoming our domestic failures, in case it becomes the conviction of the patriotic masses.

The hall was full and there were wide discussion on the book. Guests speakers included economists, political scientists, culturologists, science and education representatives. It was assessed as a elaborated, well-grounded plan of action for the creation of Armenian national statehood. The participants wished the book a wide distribution, and the author an opportunity to break the stereotype that has existed in Armenia for 30 years. Let’s support this program to bring the country closer to its desirable future!

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