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Byurakan Observatory (BA) has been included in the of International Astronomical Union (IAU)list

Byurakan Observatory (BA) has been included in the "Famous Astronomical Heritage" of International Astronomical Union (IAU)list

The IAC C4 Commission: "World Heritage and Astronomy" is currently developing a list of notable astronomical heritage, which will be nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The list provided by Armenia is developed by the BA. BA director Areg Mikaelyan is included in the C4 commission from 2021 to 2024.

For the list above, it is planned to present the ancient Armenian calendar and chronology, Armenian petroglyphs of astronomical value, ancient megalithic monument – Carahunge observatory, astronomical platform of Metsamor, Anania Shirakatsi’s astronomical heritage and etc.

The material is taken from Byurakan Observatory’s page.

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