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Expedition to the ancient sites of Shamiram and Voskehat

The members of the center got acquainted with the ongoing excavations and, in particular, with the ancient rock carvings located on the territory, which are rare in their geographical location, since, unlike the main rock carvings common in the Armenian Highlands, which are installed at altitudes of 2500-3500 m, these rock carvings are installed at altitudes of 1000-1200 m. Note that the rock carvings are located at an altitude of 2500-3500 m., that the rock carvings common here, both in images and in the technique of execution, almost do not differ from the rock carvings of Syunik, Gegham Mountains, and Aragats on the territory of the country, only they have an older and dilapidated appearance:

The members of the “Carahunge Armenological Center” also visited one of the important sanctuaries of our country - the royal tomb of Aghtsk, where the bones of the powerful pre-Christian kings of Great Armenia were buried. Unfortunately, this Armenian sacredness is more appreciated by foreigners, Persians, whom the Sasanian Schahenschah Shapuh in 364 AD. captures the Armenian sanctuary Ani-Kamakh, the main center of worship of the god Aramazd, ordered to remove the remains of the buried Armenian kings from the ancient royal tomb located here and transport them to Persia, because in ancient times it was believed that the bones of powerful Armenian kings were endowed with great power and would be in Persia in that case, the glory and power of those kings would be transferred to the Persians. Of course, the Armenian troops returned the bones of the kings and reburied them in a specially prepared tomb in the village of Aghtsk.

Then the members of the center visited the ancient site of Shamiram, famous for its preserved and standing menhirs and altar. It was noted that the altar has its parallels in the territory of the republic, one of which was studied by us during the previous campaign, during the visit to the "Zizi" stone, which is also presented on the website page of the “Carahunge Armenological Center”:

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