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Levon Gazanchean

On July 21, Levon Gazanchean, a civil engineer who arrived from Syria, was a guest of the “Carahunge Armenological Cultural Center”, who presented to us the results of his many years of research on the plan and structure of St. Simeon Church, located on the Armenian cultural territory near Aleppo. Like many Christian buildings, this building was built on the foundation of a pre-Christian temple. A feature of this design was a slight deviation of one of its four wings from the axis, which received special attention. We heard with love, we discussed and got great pleasure from communicating to the core with the Armenian intellectual Mr. Levon. The rich material of the report, the beautiful, rich speech in the Western Armenian style and the delicious red wine produced by his son, the charming daughter, granddaughter Arev and the audience created a pleasant atmosphere so characteristic of the discussions held at the cultural center. We thank our compatriot for his work and for sharing its results with us:

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