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Modern lessons from Armenian military history

On November 4, took place the 35th meeting of the Carahunge Armenological Center.

Topic "Modern lessons from Armenian military history".

Speaker: Armen Ayvazyan, Doctor of Political Sciences, Historian:

Specifically, was talked about the military tactics and strategy of the Armenians of Old Armenia, the size of the Armenian army, the organizational structure, the value system provisions of the Armenian military, and effective resistance against the imperial forces.

Also was discussed in the 1720s. The successes of the Armenian armed forces concentrated in Syunik and Artsakh in the liberation-self-defense war, their prerequisites and circumstances.

Parallels were drawn with the current strategic situation of Armenia, the state building and army building carried out during independence, as well as the historical facts recorded during the 44-day war.

The video of the meeting now is available on our YouTube channel:

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