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Music of the Armenian people

Another meeting by the Carahunge Armenological Center was held on May 5th 2023, in collaboration with the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia․

Lecturer: Composer, Komitas expert - Artur Shahnazaryan

Theme: Music of the Armenian People

Song and music have accompanied Armenians from birth to death. There are songs suitable for all stages of life, covering all genres and types, expressing all manifestations of folk life. Some are labor songs of farmers and workers (describing stages of making bread: plow songs, plowman song, cart song, tiller song, wheat grinding song, etc.). Others are songs of household labor: a when mortaring for bread, milking goats, cradling, children's songs. There are many others such as historical songs, epic songs, festive and ritual songs (wedding, church and Easter, ascension, etc.), pilgrimage songs, tragedies, songs about nature, children's songs, satirical, comedy, love songs, many dance songs, military ritual songs, melodies, and dances․

The lecture was accompanied by the performance of songs.

Video of the meeting on our Youtube channel:

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Feb 13

It's wonderful to see the Carahunge Armenological Center continuing to celebrate and explore the rich musical heritage of the Armenian people. Collaborating with the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia adds an academic depth to their endeavors, promising insightful discussions and discoveries about this fascinating aspect of Armenian culture. Such initiatives help preserve and promote the beauty and diversity of Armenian music for generations to come. This music should be known, for example, through the use of spotify promotion:

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