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The sailboat "Kilikia"

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

In December 9, 2022, a regular meeting of the “Carahunge Armenological Center” was held:

We received the captain of the sailboat "Kilikia", the president of the marine research Club "Ayas" Karen Balayan.

A bold idea, a dream that took 17 years to realize-6 years of preparatory work and 11 years of construction:

It was a great event for Armenians all over the world, it gave joy and pride to each of us, because after 800 years the ship with the Armenian flag went on a great voyage, having traveled 28 thousand km, covering 25 countries and 63 ports:

The float of the sailboat Grigor Beglaryan and other crew members were also present at the meeting:

The video of the meeting now is available on our YouTube channel:

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