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The third anniversary of the " Carahunge Armenological Center ".

The country is stable with its economy, and the nation and the people have a national system of values. Seeing that under the slogan of globalization in many areas of our Homeland there are consistent trends in the destruction of national values created over centuries, and millennia, our people were discouraged for some time, especially since the destruction of these values was carried out and is being carried out under the auspices of such departments that are obliged at the state level to preserve, protect and convey to future generations all that has come down to us from the depths of centuries.

A few years ago, similar activities unfolded around the megalithic monument – the Carahunge settlement, which, after many years of research, the astrophysicist, archaeoastronomer, and academician Paris Heruni declared an ancient Armenian observatory, an educational complex, and a cultural center. During the life of the great scientist, this theory developed and spread throughout the world, and many foreign specialists who visited Armenia contributed to it. After the death of Paris Heruni some archaeologists of Armenia, feeding on Soros sewage, began a real crusade against the scientist's theory and, calling the monument a cemetery, under the pretext of excavations began to destroy the observatory area, the Temple of the Sun, rows of megaliths, their foundations.

A large number of people (united in 2018) began the struggle for the preservation of the historical monument. In order to conduct it more thoroughly and effectively, the backbone of the movement later created the public organization "Carahunge Armenological Center", as a result of which the associates achieved significant success: first of all, back in 2018, the destruction of Carahunge was stopped.

Our public organization is already three years old, and on February 5, a number of its founders, members and supporters gathered to celebrate the anniversary. At the festive table, the past path, achievements, new developments, and ideas were recalled, in connection with which the fact the presence of an observatory in Carahunge was confirmed by new scientific research and became the dominant theory, especially in the perspective of combining with the results of research of the archaeological monument Portasar in Armenian Mesopotamia, which was declared an observatory by many archaeological laboratories of the world and which is similar to Carahunge, Stonehenge and other similar structures.

New times are coming when society should not even trust the authorities and should take on the task of preserving national values and passing them on to future generations. The NGO " Carahunge Armenological Center " is the best example of this.

Today, the founding members and friends present at the event send greetings to tens of thousands of supporters of the organization in Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora and assure that they will continue their patriotic work through joint efforts.

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