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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

On April 15, the 27th meeting of “Carahunge Armenological Center” took place. The topic was “When a Dance Becomes a Prayer’’.

Our guest and speaker was Gagik Ginosyan, a well-known expert on traditional Armenian dances, who presented the thought about our ancient dances, in particular, the original meaning of dance movements, which are closely related to expression of a thousand-year-old system of ideas about Armenian cosmogony, beliefs, work and mentality with the symbolism of the body and its movements: Our ancestors gave us knowledge about everything around us through fairy tales, myths, epics and dance.

It is interesting, that the study of various fields (and this is confirmed by the work of our center’s specialists) – astronomy, linguistics, history or Paraguay – is reduced to one common ideology. We believe that only these integral systems of knowledge will allow us to preserve our identity, the basis of which is a person – as a particle of the Universe.

Video on our YouTube channel:

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